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An Open Letter to President Obama: China initiated Unrestricted War Against the USA!

The web address of this article: http://jasmine-action.blogspot.com/2013/01/an-open-letter-to-president-obama-china.html Dear President Obama and U.S. Lawmakers, I am writing to you to report several Chinese military agents who are hiding in the United States to espionage and to do the so called "Unrestricted War" against the United States. I myself is one of the victims of such kind "Unrestricted War" initiated by the Chinese government. I used to be a student leader during Tiananmen pro-democratic movement in 1989, and I was sentenced to 6 years by the Chinese government due to my important role in the movement. Thanks to the helps of the Clinton's government, I escaped to the United States in 1996. Since then, I have started my American dream. After I got degree from Columbia University in 1998, I have worked for Bell Labs, Citigroup, as well as Morgan Stanley. My American dream was almost there. However, the Chinese government has never left me alone and has never stopped harassing me. The Chinese government started the so called "Unrestricted War" against me. My American dream has been completely destroyed by the Chinese government, and my nightmare has never been stopped. I uderstand that this letter could be too long, so, I wrote an abstract as below: 1) China has sent at many Chinese military officers into the United States to initiated the so called "unrestricted war" against the United States. How many Chinese military officers are hiding in the United States? No one knows the exact number, except the Chinese government. I believe that it could be many thousands, even hundred of thousands! At least I know 3 Chinese military officers are hiding in the United States. 2) China warned me several times that they could have me lost job if I continue to expose the Chinese military spies in the United States. And the Chinese government really did that and convert its warnings into actions. My ex-employers, including Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, were Cyber-Attacked by the hackers based in China! It eventually made Morgan Stanley fired me! China has sent many military spies into the United States! Chinese Military based hackers have Cyber-Attacked the Wall Street firms of the United States! I believe that those activities are war activities! I hope President Obama, as well as the Congress of the United States should fight back against those war activities initiated by the Chinese military forces. 1. Why the Chinese government was targeting at me? I, Gang Liu, used to be  a well known Chinese dissident and have been on the top of targets of the CCP's most wanted list. See fig. 1.1. Fig. 1.1. This is a snapshot of the most wanted list issued by the Chinese Comunist government right after the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement in 1989. I, Gang Liu, in the middle of the above picture, was listed as No. 3 on the most wanted list. I was a key student leader during 1989's Tiananmen pro-democracy movement. I was sentenced to 6 years in prison, which is the longest for all student leaders, due to my important role in the pro-democracy movement. Fig. 1.2. When I was jailed by the Chinese government, I am the only political prisoner who has been interviewed by the Chinese Communist owned media including the People's daily, as well as the Western news agencies including New York Times and American Association. Fig. 1.3. Thanks to the helps of the Clinton government, I escaped to the United States in April 1996. I immediately enrolled in the Columbia University once I escaped to the United States in 1996. In 1998, I started to work as a Scientist at Bell Labs and I have published several technical papers and have dozens patents approved. Since 2003, I moved to Wall Street and have worked as a financial analyst for Citigroups and Morgan Stanley. I continued to be active in the pro-democratic movement in China. Here is a short list that I have been contributed or involved in: 1.1. In 2005, I was the initiator and organizer of the Commemoration for Zhao Ziyang. 1.2. In 2005, I was the initiator and organizer of the Chinese Velvet Action Committee. Many of its members inside China were arrested and gave long term sentences. 1.3. In 2006, I initiated and co-organized the Simulated Election on Internet for the Chinese Democratic Government, which is an educational and political movement to promote the Election in China. 1.4. In 2007, I intiaated the protesting and demonstration in major cities in China. Although the major objective was to memorial the Chinese-Japanese war, the real target is the CCP government. 1.5. In June 2009, I published a book titled "Tiananmen Pandora" both in Chinese and Janpanese, to memorial the 20 years aniversary of the 1989's Tiananmen demonstration. 1.6. In Sep. 2009, I started the organization "Tear Down This Wall" and intiated the "Tear Down This Wall" art exhibition tour, to celebrate the 20 years aniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to memorial the 20 years aniversary of the 1989's Tiananmen demonstration. The art exhibition was hosted by the "American Arts Club" in New York and the Capital Hill in Washington D. C.. The picture on the right shows Congresswoman Carolyn Moloney showed up at the Art Exhibition in New York. Fig. 1.4. On  September 8th, 2009, Congresswoman Carolyn Moloney showed up at the Art Exhibition. Fig. 1.5. On September 18th, 2009, Mr. Winston Lord(the second from right), the ex-Ambasarder of the United States to China, gave speach to the closing ceremony of the Art Exhibition. 1.6. Since January 2011, I initiated the Jasmine Revolution movement in China. 1.7. All the above mentioned activities have made the Chinese Communitst goverment hate me extremely. The Chinese government sent many Chinese security agents to harass me, and even tried to destroy me. Here is a short list of the Chinese security agents that have been harrassed me and threaten me continuously: 1.7.1. Yuhua Tang, the head of the Chinese Securrity Agency in North America. 1.7.2. Elisa Guo, also named as Yinghua Guo, a Chinese military officer, who hid her Chinese military status and currently work as a Director at the headquater of Pfizer in New York. 1.7.3. Yan Zhao, An Ex-Chinese Communist police officer. 1.7.4. Weidong Li, One of the top assistant of Mr. Wang Qishan, who is one of the standing commitee of the Chinese Communist Political Beauro. 1.7.5. Chengshan Tan, who claimed as an active Chinese Communist police officer. 1.7.6.  Gengmin Qiu, listed as most wanted by in 1. Tang Yuhua, the head of Chinese Security Agency, has threaten me many times 1. Yuhua Tang, the head of the Chinese Security Agency in North America, has threaten me many times. Fig. 2.1. Yuhua Tang, known as the head of the Chinese Security Agency in North America, was arrested by FBI in November 2011. Fig. 2.2. Yuhua Tang's business card. Most of the Chinese spies have an legal job. Yuhua Tang's legal title was the Bureau Chief of the UN Bureau of Wen Hui Daily, which is a news paper owned by the Chinese Coumminst. In early of 2011, I tried to start the Jasmine Revolution movement in China. Once the Chinese government found out my plans for the Jasmine Revolution, the The Chinese governement was very nervous. They tried their best to stop the movement. Some of the Chinese Security agents tried to threaten me and asked me. On January 30th, 2011, Yuhua Tang and Yan Zhao spoke to me through phone, they told me they wanted to come to my home in New Jersey. They clearly told me that Yuhua Tang was the "biggest spy" and was in charge of the Chinese Security agency in North America, so that they could represent the Chinese government to negotiate with me.  They asked me to stop the Jasmine Revolution in China, or at least postpone it to May 1st 2011, otherwise, bad things would happen to me. I understood that they were buying time for the Chinese Communist. I told them that I would report to FBI if they put their threaten words into action. I immediately post articles on the web to expose Yuhua Tang's actual identity: a Chinese spy in the United States. Since then, Yuhua Tang and Yan Zhao threaten and harass me and my friends frequently. To protect myself and my friends, I, and my friend Xiamin Zeng reported Yuhua Tang's spy identity to some of the authority agencies of the United States, including FBI, the Congress, and the State Department of the United States. In November 6th, 2011, Yuhua Tang was arrested. See the following link: Three Men Charged in Federal Indictment Alleging Commercial Bribery http://www.justice.gov/usao/pam/news/2011/Malinowski_12_05_2011.htm 3. Elisa Guo, a Chinese Military officer, launches Unrestricted War against U.S.A. Ms. Elisa Guo is currently working as a director at the head quater of Pfizer in New York. However, she claimed that she was an active military officer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Ms. Zhongyu Liu, Elisa's mother, also told many of my friends that Elisa Guo was an active military officer. Elisa Guo received $60,000 anually from the Chinese Army for her espionage work in the United States. Fig. 3.1. Elisa Guo claimed she was an active military officer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. 3.1. Elisa Guo is an active Chinese Military officer Ms. Elisa Guo graduated from Shanghai Second Military Medical University in 1996. All graduates from that school must enroll the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) when enrolled in that school, and all of the graduates would be awarded at least lieutenant. In fact, Ms. Elisa Guo enrolled in Unit 61398, which is a military spy agency of the PLA in 1992, and was awarded lieutenant in 1996. Ms. Elisa Guo also got a master degree in 1999. According to the Regulation Law for Military Officers, Elisa Guo must be raised to the rank of Captain in 1999.  Also, the same Chinese law also stated that an officer in the Chinese Army must be promoted to an upper level every 4 years. in 2010, Elisa Guo claimed that she was promoted to the rank of Colonel. A captain in the Chinese PLA must serve for the Army at least 20 years! Therefore, Elisa Guo can't retire from the Chinese Army until 2012! The Chinese law also required that all military officers must be a member of the Chinese Communist Party. So, Elisa Guo must be a member of CCP since 1996! The relevent Chninse law can be found in the following link: Regulation Law for Military Officers http://www.mod.gov.cn/policy/2009-07/14/content_3100989.htm Elisa Guo entered the United States in 2001. At that time, Elisa Guo was an active military officer and a member of the CCP. However, Elisa Guo hid her actual identity and lied to the immigration officers to enter the United States. Elisa Guo even didn't tell the truth about her education backgroud. Elisa Guo lied that she graduated from the Shanghai Second Medical University, which is another University, but completely different from the Shanghai Second Military Medical University. By ommiting key word "Military" from her school, Elisa Guo hid her military background. Elisa Guo might omit the key word "military" by herself in her resume, however, she can't create the transcripts and the diploma of the Shanghai Second Medical University for her by herself. Elisa must be helped by the Chinese military to get the faked dimploma and faked transcripts. The Regulation Law for Military Officers also stated that any Chinese Military officers can't go abroad unless sent by the General Political Department of the PLA for military tasks. So, Elisa Guo must be sent by the  General Political Department of the PLA to the United States for military tasks. What kind military tasks a Chinese Military office could perform in the United States by pretending himself or herself as a civilian? The only answer is Military Espionage or a War against the United States! It is no doubt that Elisa Guo was a Chinese Military spy hiding in the United States to do war related espionage for the Chinese Army! Elisa Guo is a fighter for the Chinese Army against the United States! Elisa Guo is an enemy of the United States! Fig. 3.2. This medical record is belong to Elisa Guo. It shows that Elisa Guo graduated from the Shanghai

Second Miltary Medical University. Fig. 3.3. This is a picture from the official website of the Shanghai Second Military Medical University. It shows that all graduates from that shool are military officers of the PLA.

Unit 61398 is an military spy agency of the PLA and is mainly responsible for cyber attacks. It normally recruits officers from civil school or sent its officers to schools for further training, especially as a hacker. The above picture shows one of the advertisement for Unit 61398 recruiting computer hackers. Ms. Yinghua Guo joined recruited by Unit 61398 while she was in Shanghai Second Military Medical University. In 1996, Yinghua Guo was sent to Shanghai University of Science and Technology by the Unit of 61398.

Unit 61398 of PLA is a spy agency and are responsible for Cyber attacks against the United States. The above paper is one of such kind evidences.

Fig. 3.4. Elisa Guo's resume shows that she got Bachelor degree from Shanghai Second Medical University. Actually, Elisa Guo got Bachelor degree from Shanghai Second MILITARY Medical University and was awarded to the rank of Lieutenant of the Chinese Army. Elisa Guo omitted the key word "MILITARY" and changed her school from military school to a civil school! 3.2. Elisa Guo Cheated me to get her green card and to watch me closely for the Chinese government! On June 7th, 2007, Elisa Guo contacted me through internet. She invited me to meet her at her home near Philadelphia. On June 9th, 2007, I went to Elisa Guo's home to meet her. Elisa Guo had already known my background before our meeting. Right at the first time of our meeting, asked me to have a quick marriage with her. In July 2007, Elisa Guo moved into my house and to live with me in Princeton of New Jersey. On December 21, 2007, Elisa Guo and I registrated marriage in New York City. On June 29th, 2008, Elisa Guo and I had an wedding ceremony in New Jersey. In 2008, Elisa got her green card through marriage. That is about our quick marriage! I believe that it was the Chinese Military arranged her to meet me and to marry me, so that she could watch me closely and to destroy me for the Chinese government. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known my background in detail, and she wouldn't be interested in getting marriage with me in such a hurry. 3.3. Elisa is a well-trained liar and cheater! Elisa Guo cheated me to get marriage with me. She had never told me she was a Chinese military officer and a CCP member untill 2010. Had she told me the truth, I would have definitely refused to marry her! Elisa Guo lied to the Officers of the Immgration and Natrualization Service. Had she disclosed her military background to INS, she wouldn't be allowed to enter the United States, and she would have been definitely rejected in getting the Green Card! Elisa Guo lied to her graduate school at the University of Chicago, lied to her ex-employer Wyeth, and lied to her current employer Pfizer. Had she disclosed her military background to those school of firms in the United States, she would have definitely refused to be enrolled in University of Chicago, nor to be hired by Wyeth and Pfizer! Elisa Guo is a well-trained liar and cheater! 3.4. Elisa Guo manipulated the merge of Wyeth with Pfizer, and many other espionages for the Chinese Army! The Chinese Army sent many of its military officer to the United States to do military espionages. These military spies are pretended to be civilians, but they are performing military tasks for the Chinese army whenever they got chances. Chinese military spies normally steal extremely sensitive military information for the Chinese government. Some of them may involve financial or industry espionages, some may even create financial crisis in oder to help the Chinese government to get benefits. Elisa Guo is one of such kind Military officers who can create big financial event for the to benefit the Chiense government but may have the United States to be hurt or in big trouble. One of bigest thing that Elisa Guo did was the merge of her ex-employer Wyeth with her curent employer Pfizer. This looks like a mission impossible. However, with the helps of the Chinese government, Elisa make it possible and successful! Please check the following link for more details: China is the Black Hand behind the Pfizer-Wyeth Merger! http://mainstreet-wallstreet.blogspot.com/2012/01/china-is-black-hand-behind-pfizer-wyeth.html#!/2012/01/china-is-black-hand-behind-pfizer-wyeth.html Fig. 3.5. The flow chart that describes how the Chinese Communist manipulate the merge of Wyeth with Pfizer through Elisa Guo. What kind benefit could the Chinese government get from the merge of Wyeth with Pifzer? In order to make this deal happen, Elisa Guo first tried to make Wyeth step down to have bad performance. Elisa Guo negotiated with many officers of Canada government or relevent agencies, so that to give extremely low prices for Wyeth products in favor to Canada. The Chinese security agencies told the bottum prices to the Canada officers who would involve the negotiation with Wyeth. The canada officers got good prices with the help of the Chinese security agency. The knew some sensitive information from the Chinese military spies. Then, these have to "coorperate" with Chinese security agency. If not, the Chiese security agency would sent them to prison by dislosing their criminal activities. That is the normal way the Chinese government to make the people from the western countries to work for the Chinese government. Bob Dechert, an ex-member of Canadian Parliament, was an example who was threatened by the Chinese security agents Ms. Shi Rong.  Just like Elisa Guo, Ms. Shi Rong is also a Chinese spy, also Shi Rong worked as a reporter for the Chinese Xinhua News Agency. Shi Rong and Bob Dechert sent some flirtatious mails to each other. Then, Shi Rong threatened Bob Dechert to work with the Chinese government. Once Bob Dechert refused, Ms. Shi Rong made some flirtatious mails that she received from Bob Dechert be public. That resulted the end of Bob Dechert's political career. That is the normal end of the Chinese trap: to cooperate, or to die! Please check the following link for public reports about Mr. Bob Dchert: Bob Dechert and Shi Rong: Affairs of the Heart or Affairs of the State? http://christinescottcheng.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/bob-dechert-and-shi-rong-affairs-of-the-heart-or-affairs-of-the-state/ By manipulate the merge of Wyeth with Pfizer, Elisa Guo put many Canadian or American executive officers into that kind traps: to cooperate, or to die!  That is why Pfizer tried to keep Elisa Guo as an director, even though I reported to Pfizer that Elisa Guo was a Chinese Military officer! Note that, Elisa Guo was the only one from her formal department in Wyeth who was transferred to and re-hired by Pfizer during the merge with Wyeth. All of her collegues, including her boss, were laid off during the merge. 3.5. Elisa Guo, with the helps of the Chinese government initiated the Unrestricted War against me! Elisa Guo not only espionage the leading pharmaceutical firms in the United States, but also tried to watch and dstroy me for the Chinese government. Since July 2009, I planed to start the "Tear Down This Wall" art Exhibition tour. The first stop of this exhibition was started on September 8th, 2009, I hold the opening ceremony for this art exhibition in New York. However, Elisa Guo tried her best to stop this art exhibition. She first invited Wenming Yan, another Chinese military spy in Shanghai, to come to the United States. Wenming Yan claimed he was working for the Chinese military and had been trained in the PLA with Elisa Guo while both them in Shanghai. Wenming Yan lived in our New Jersey house from September 7th to 20th, 2009. Wenming Yan and Elisa Guo pursuaded me to stop the Art Exhibition tour. Wenming Yan even asked me to give all the art pieces to him and shipped to China. I refused his offer. Wenming Yan and Elisa Guo then threatened me to kill me if I continue to do the Art Exhibition at other locations as planned. Fig. 3.6. Mr. Wenming Yan, a Chinese Military spy visited the Art Exhibition every day from September 8th to 18th, 2009. He was sent by the Chinese government to harass me and to destroy the Art Exhitition. In order to stop the Art Exhibition, Elisa Guo also invited Yuhua Tang, the head of the Chinese secutiy agency in the North America. Fig. 3.7. This picture shows that Elisa Guo met Yuhua Tang(the man with glasses) at the Art Exhibition. The second stop of the art exhibition was held at the Congress Hills in Washington D.C. from October 1st to 3rd, 2009. Elisa Guo had tried all means to stop me to do other art exhibition as planned. She shouted at me every time I came back home and forced me to destroy all the art works for the exhibition. She even assault me frenquently. Sometimes when I drove in the car, Elisa Guo would assault me with whatever she could grab in the car. She thowed the GPS on my faces 3 times when I drove on the highway, and made my glass broken and hurt my eyes into bloody. She scrached my ears, my nose into bloody when I drove on the highway. 3.6. The police officers arrested me even they knew Elisa was a liar and I was the victim! On November 5th, Elisa shouted at me again from mid night upto midnight. I have to go out to avoid assault from Elisa. at about 11:30PM, I went back my office room to check my emails. Immediately, Elisa Guo rush into my office room, starting to assault me. She kicked me like a Gongfu fighter, and scrached my face. I didn't fight back. I tried to go out of the office room and called 911 to ask police to come over to stop the violence. Elisa Guo immediately grab the phone from me, and lied to the 911 hot line that it was I who slapped her. At about 1:00 A.M., two police officer Ellington and Hopson came to my house. They first spoke to me. I showed them my bloody face adn told them that it was Elisa assaulted me. Then, Elisa Guo came from upstairs. Elisa told plice officers that it was I slapped her. She also showed the police officers her faces, which with two redish spots on each sides of her face. It was obvious that she marked up her face with redish makeups! Officer Ellington asked us who reported to the 911 hot lines. Elisa Guo immediately told police officers that it was her who reported to 911. I told police officers that it was I who reported 911 first. Officer Ellington told us that one of us must be a liar, and he could easily find out who lied to him. Officer Ellington called 911 hot line using my home phone and check who called the 911 hot line with from that phone. A female police officer confirmed that it was a man called 911 first. Now, both officers knew that Elisa Guo was a liar. The two officers discused a few minutes. Then, Officer Ellington asked me to go to the office room and wanted to speak to me privately. Officer Ellington told me that they have to take one of us. He also told me that we had baby who needs mother's breast milk feeding. He asked me to give him a choice: take the father or the mother? He also tole me that they would just seperate us for a while. Then, I told police officer: "I called the 911 hot line for helps. I just wanted the police officer came over to stop the violence and to protect from further assault. Now, as Elisa Guo already came down and can controle herself, I think there is no need to take anyone out of the room. If you to take one of us out of the house, you can just take me." Then, the two police officers took me out of the house and arrested me! Fig. 3.8. The police report for the incident on November 6th, 2009. It is quite clear that Elisa Guo was the offender and the liar, and I was the victim. However, the two police officers made me as the offender and Elisa Guo as the victim! These two police officers tried to make their report in favor of Elisa Guo. The two police officers had observed all the important facts: 1. I had bloody on my face. 2. Elisa Guo came into my office room to asault me. 3. I reported to 911 hot line. However, the two police officer omitted all these facts in their incident report, to make the police report in favor of Elisa Guo and to support their wrong decision! On the morning of June 6th, 2009, I was bailed out by two of my friends. Then, I had to stay in a hotel until November 10th, the next apearing date. Fig. 3.9. The complaint and Warrant filed by Judge Philibosian on November 6th, 2009. The judge ordered me to have no contact with Elisa, but also ordered me to stay home to take care Elisa! Fig. 3.10. Judge Emil Philibosian, Franklin Township Municipal Court. On November10th, 2009, both Elisa and I showed up at the Franklin Township Municipal Court. Judge Emil Philibosian handled this case. The judge didn't alow me to say a word, instead, he just ordered me no contact with Elisa. I agreed to live Elisa alone. However, Elisa asked the judge to order me to go home, otherwise, she would sue me for abandon! Then, the Judge Philibosian ordered me to go home! The judge ordered the offender to stay with the victim in the same house! I hve no choice. I had to go home to stay with Elisa Guo. Elisa Guo continued to abuse me almost every day. I thought she might be had depressure due to giving chinldbirth. I hoped she might be recovered soon or later. She kept shouting at me, assaulting me.  She also kept threating me to send me into prison. As we have a baby of less than 1-year old, I have no choice, except tolerate her. 3.7. Elisa Guo created cases right at the municipale court!  Since then, Elisa and I showed up at the Franklin Municipal Court almost every month. Elisa kept telling me that she would drop the case as long as I kept quiet at the court. I kept quiet at the court. However, everytime Elisa showed up at the court, she asked the prosecutor and the Judge to put me into prison! The prosecutor asked Elisa to provide more evidences. Elisa said she would provide more evidences on the next court date. Elisa Guo continued to abuse me at home. Sometimes she even used knives to hurt me. I have never fight back. I believe that she might have mental problems. I tried to get a maid to take care our baby. Elisa didn't allow me to do it. I have to invite Elisa's mother, Zhongyu Liu, to come to the United States to stay with us. At the end of November, 2009, Zhongyu Liu came and live in our house. On June 2nd, 2010, it was about the 7th times for me to have court hearing. I went to the court around 5 p.m. 30 minutes later, Elisa Guo, along with her mother Zhongyu Liu, and Ms. Liu Zhi another friend of us who lived in our house at that time, showed up at the court. At about 6 p.m., the prosecutor spoke to Elisa in the office. 10 minutes later, the prosecutor asked me to enter his office and to listen their conbersation. Here is the conversation I heard: "You must put him into prison!" Elisa fingered at me and shouted to the prosecutor. "You must provide evidences, otherwise, I can't do that!" Prosecutor shouted at Elisa. "He is a criminal, that is enough!" Elisa shouted again. "No, that is not evidence. You two lived together in the same house for the past 6 months, and you claimed he assaulted you. That can't be true! Your problem is not legal problem. That is family problem. You should go to other places to solve your problems. You can either find an attorney resolve your marriage problem, or you can find a doctor to check your health proble. This court can't help with such kind problems." The prosecutor explained to Elisa with pationce. "You have to put him into prions today, otherwise, I will not show up next time." Elisa shouted to the prosecutor. "Then, I will drop the case anyway!" Then, the prosecutor gave Elisa an flyer as shown in Fig. 3.11. "I gave you these contact information previously. You need to contact with them." "I will not contact with anyone. I just want you to arrest him. If you don't, I will not work with you." Elisa went out the office room. "See," The prosecutor talked to me, "it is not my problem for keeping this case alive for 6 months! It is your wife who persisted to arrest you! You need to find an attoney to check out whether your marriage can survive or not. Or you can find a doctor to see if any of you have health problems." "What can I do for this case?" I asked the prosecutor. "It was her abused me almoust every day. I have never assaulted her. And it was I who reported 911 for this case. Now, you made me as offender, and the real offender as the victim! Now, you will never give a trial for this case. If you want, you can just put me into prison." Tthe prosecutor then gave me some advice as a man to a man's advice. He told me to be tolerate to wife. Whenever she started to shout, just leave the house, take a break outside the house, etc.. At the end, the prosecutor handed me the flyer, and asked me to call the community resources for helps. The prosecutor even marked several contacts on the flyer which I should call first. Fig. 3.12. The prosecutor gave me this flyer with contacts of Community Resources. You can see the mark left by the prosecutor. He asked me to call them first. Once I went out of the building, I found that Elisa Guo, along with her mother and Ms. Liu Zhi, were all siting on a bench right outside the court house. Elisa Guo immediately shouted at me, and asked me to hold our baby. I took over the baby and went into the court office building to change diper for the baby. Once I come out of the office building, Elisa Guo shoulted with with dirty words, such as Rogue, Hooligans, Fuck, etc.. She complained that I wasted her time, . I kept smiling and didn't say anything to her. I had been used to that. She cursed me with those dirty words everyday. Some pasers people gathered around to see what happened to her. After shouting about 10 minutes, Elisa stood from the bench and rush into the court house. Immediately, Elisa's mother and Ms. Liu Zhi came after Elisa and caught her right before Elisa opened the door of the building. Elisa was still shouting to the crowd. Over 20 people witnessed what happened to Elisa on that day. Elisa created a disturbance right in the court house! Police officer had to come over to resolve the problem. Police officer let Elisa to enter the police office. A few minutes later, Police Officer Garley went out the court house and came to me. Officer Garley wanted to handcuff me. However, I hold the baby. Then Officer Garley asked me several questions. Here are our conversations: Garley: "Did you try to kill your wife?" Liu: "No." Garley: "have you shouted at her?" Liu: "No. there are so many witnesses here. You can check with people around. They will tell that it was Elisa who shouted at me." Garley: "Did you beat her, for example, touched her?" Liu: "Look, I hold the baby for the past 30 minutes. How can I touch her?" Officer Garley talked to some people around. then he spoke to me again. Garley: "Your wife claimed you tried to kill her, and you assaulted her. It looks like not true. I will not arrest you today. I need to give you an advice, as a man to naother man's advice: you must leave that lady immediately! Nevver touch her." Elisa came out the office building. She shouted at me: "you garbage go to the court yourself! I don't have time to play with you!" Then, she asked her mother to take over the baby and left for home. Once I came to the court, the Judge asked the prosecutor to dismiss the case. The prosecutor told the judge that he couldn't drop the case today, as new events happened right before the hearing. This continued to be alive. After the court hearing, I went to New York and stay at a house of my friend. Ms. Liu Zhi was also left my house. She was so scared by Elisa Guo. In the following week, Ms. Liu Zhi went back China. Fig. 3.13. The police report for the incident happened on June 2nd, 2009. It clearly described that it was Elisa Guo fighting with other females. But the final conclusion was that Elisa Guo could use this police report to request for Temporary Restraining Order. How ridiculous this report is! Fig. 3.13. The affidavit given by Yan Zhao, who is the boy friend of Ms. Liu Zhi. Yan Zhao was a Ex-Chinese police officer, who was the man that Elisa Guo trust most. Yan Zhao was the only one who can live in our house. Elisa Guo didn't allow any of my relatives to live in our house, even my brother couldn't be allowed to stay overnight in my house! Yan Zhao and his girl friend had witnessed how Elisa Guo abused me at home. 3.8. Elisa Guo tried to put me into prison through well designed traps. On June 3rd, 2009, I followed the prosecutor's advice and called some of social workers listed on the Community Resources. One of them wanted to go my home immidiately. Around 10 p.m., a female social worker came to my house. She waited outside the house until officer Young arrived. The female social worker wanted to speak to Elisa Guo. I heard Elisa Guo shouted at the female social worker and claimed it was I who tried to use social worker to harass her! They talked about one hour. Then, officer Young ordered me to leave the house immediately and couldn't come back the house, otherwise, he would arrest me. Officer Young escorted me about 10 miles until he was sure I would not come back to home. I spent that night in my car. On June 4th, I rented an apartment in Forest Hills of New York. On June 6th, Elisa Guo spoke to me through phone. She asked me to go home to take care the baby, otherwise, she would sue me for abandon. I told her that I was stricktly forbiden to go home. Then Elisa asked to move her to my apartment in Forest Hills. I told her that there might be an court order to restrain me from meeting with her. Elisa said that nothing could stop us to live together. She repeatedly told me that there was no protection order against me. Elisa also told me that she needed my help for her mother's Asylum application. Her mother was scheduled to have interview with the USCIS on June 12th, 2010. The only reason for her mother to apply for interview was my policcal background in China. I understood that her mother might not pass the interview USCIS, unless I helped her to know more details about my background. Then, I agreed to move them to my apartment in Forest Hills. Elisa spoke to me again and again on that day. She first asked me to drive them from New Jersey to New York. Later on, she changed her mind. She asked me to have my friend Mr. Zheng Gangqing to drive them from my New Jersey house to my New York home. Elisa also asked me to wait somewhere on their way, so that I can get on their car once they passed by. I didn't understand why she made things so complicated, and why she asked me to wait on the way. She explained to me that it would be good for me, and she asked me to follow her instrctions. Ok, I agreed with her plan. Elisa discussed her plan with me again and again unitil 5 p.m. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I eventually found out that I must first notice the superintendent wheneve we wanted to move in, and the superintendent told me that we can't move in after 7 p.m. I told Elisa that she had to wait for another date to move in. Elisa felt very disappointed. She insisted to move in immediately. She also contacted with Mr. Zheng Gangqing to move them to my New York apartment immediately. Mr. Zheng Gangqing refused to do that unless I asked him to do so. Elisa called me again and again, just wanted to move into my apartment desperately. Why Elisa wanted to move into my apartment so desperately? She even couldn't wait for one day.  I realized that there must be something wrong. On June 7th, I went to the court of Franklin Township court to check if there are any court order preventing me to meet with Elisa. The police officers at the Court immediately served me the protection order. Fig. 3.14. I was served with this Temperary Protection Order on June 7th, 2009. It strictly prevent me to contact with Elisa Guo, as well as her mother. It was Elisa Guo who requested and signed the abo TPO on June 4th!  But she kept telling me that nothing could prevent us to live together! Elisa hold a protection order at hand first. Then, she asked my friend to move her from New Jersey to New York, and asked me to get on their car on the way. Once I got on their car, Elisa could report to police that it was my friend and I kidnapped her! What a trap! Elisa not only cheated me, but also designed a complicated trap to send into prison! Now, I just realized that this lady really wanted to kill me through the legal system of the United States, instead of using her own hands! Fig. 3.15. This is the police report for the incident happened on June 3rd, 2009. I got this report two months later. Based on the above police report, anyone can tell me what I did wrong on June 3rd? Why the police officers of the United State always believe and help Elisa Guo, even they knew Elisa was a liar? Is it because the police officers are so stupid? No. It is because Elisa Guo is so smart, so skillful. She was well trained for lying. She was so skillful to take advantage of the legal system of the United State. Most important, she was backed by a giant country and military forces. She can alwasy get helps from her comerades who are hiding in the United States. And she has a large team to support her. The Cyber-attack is not the only strategy used by the Chinese government in the Unrestricted War against the United States. The Chinese government has also applied the so called "Schemes of a Beauty" (Mei Ren Ji) against me! Ms. Guo Yinghua was sent by the Chinese government to watch me and to harass me! She robbed all my money and my house. She continuously assaulting me and tried to murder me. At the midnight of November 6th, 2009, after she abused me and scratched my faces into bloody, I eventually called 911 and asked the police officers to stop her violent activities. However, the police officers arrested me and put me into prison! Since then, Ms. Guo Yinghua kept false accused me many times and put me into prison for 3 times. Ms. Guo Yinghua could sue me as a criminal and used someone else's criminal records as mine. See the attached file! Ms. Guo Yinghua also submitted emails from me to the court as evidences. However, my attorney proved that criminal record was not mine, and that emails were sent from China not from me eventhough those emails were sent from my account. All such false evidences are clearly created by the Chinese security agents. However, the Court just used such kind evidences to give restraining order against me again and again! All the strategies used by Ms. Guo Yinghua, including Legal War, Finance War, Cyber-Attack war, etc., are all clearly described in the book "Unrestricted Warfare", which was authored by General Qiao Liang and other Chinese military officers. That book was used as training book for Chinese military spy agents. That book clearly claimed to train Chinese military agents to start the Unrestricted War against the United States. In order to help her to abuse me, Ms. Yinghua Guo also bribed some political figures of the U.S.A., including Bob Bernstein, the ex-president of Random House and the founding president of the Human Rights Watch. Ms. Guo Yinghua has also tried to approach Warren Buffet, who was also a target of the Chinese government. Watching and harassing me is not the only task of Ms. Elisa Guo, she also tried to do corporation espionage for the benefit of the Chinese government. Ms. Guo Yinghua was used to be a manager in Wyeth, which was merged by Pfizer in 2009. Ms. Guo Yinghua played important role to make Wyeth to be merged by Pfizer. While working for Wyeth, Ms. Guo Yinghua was a manager responsible for marketing planning in the North American region. It was Ms. Guo Yinghua who gave very low prices for Wyeth's products in North American region, especially in Canada. In order to give such a low price, Ms. Guo Yinghua invited some Chinese software engineers to come to my house secretly to manipulate and modify the software tools that can generate the product prices. In 2008, I happened met Mr. Hank Wei, who was a Chinese software engineer, came to Ms. Guo Yinghua's home to modify the software tool. Ms. Guo Yinghua threatened me not telling anyone about her espionage activities, especially for manipulate the Wyeth's pricing tools. She clearly told me that she would be arrested for doing that. Ms. Guo Yinghua used the Wyeth pricing tools which was manipulated by Mr. Hank Wei to give very low prices to Canada for some important pharmaceutical products of Wyeth. Ms. Guo Yinghua also negotiated with Canada officials, including officials from government, insurance companies, as well as other corporations. During such negotiations, Ms. Guo Yinghua got helps and instructions from the Chinese government. Due to the low prices, Wyeth's marketing performances dive to the bottom and suffered significant loss. Eventually, in October 2009, Wyeth was acquired by Pfizer with $68 billion. During the merge, Ms. Guo Yinghua was the only one in the marketing department to be kept by Pfizer! All of her colleagues including her boss were laid off during the merge. It has no question that Pfizer got big benefit from the deal. However, the Chinese government might get even bigger benefit from the Pfizer and Wyeth merge deal. As it was publicly reported that the Chinese government continuously bribe and threaten the Canadian political figures, especially the officers who were involved in the negotiation of pharmaceutical products importing from the United States. Without Ms. Guo Yinghua's help, Pfizer would not have had that deal closed, and the Canadian government would not have got that kind low price deal. As I known, Ms. Guo Yinghua received $60,000 annually from the Chinese military for her espionage activities! Mr. Yan Wenming, who was another Chinese military agent who lives in Shanghai, came to the United States to give Ms. Guo Yinghua cash and instructions. Ms. Guo Yinghua might got more than that. She had at least 14 bank accounts in the United States! Now, Ms. Guo Yinghua has tried to use her sophisticasted skills trained in the military to destroy me or to murder me. With the helps of some American Political figures, including Robert Bernstein, Ms. Guo Yinghua filed many lawsuit against me. She first transferred all my savings to her bank account. With the helps of Honorable Thomas C. Miller, the Judge of the Superior Court of the Somerset County in New Jersey, Ms. Guo Yinghua even evicted me from my house in New Jersey. Ms. Guo Yinghua and some of her Chinese Security agents spread rumors that I have mental problems and she asked the Judge several times to send me into prison or mental hospital. Ms. Guo Yinghua also committed many other espionage activities. Since 2010, I have reported Ms. Guo Yinghua's case to several government agencies, including FBI, CIS, General Prosecutors, Congress, Department of Defense, as well as local police officers. However, none of them has responded to me except FBI. In July 2010, an FBI officer named Kevin told me that the FBI wouldn't investigate such sophisticated cases, except multi million dollars involved. As Elisa Yinghua only received about $60,000 annually from China, it wouldn't cover the FBI's cost to investigate this case! I am really not satisfied with that kind answer! I believe that Ms. Elisa Guo's case is regarding the security of our homeland security, and she was a big threaten to the United States, to the corporations, as well as to the life of individual U.S. citizens. FBI has the responsibilities to protect our country, as well as the life of the U.S. citzens'. In July 2010, I also reported to the Management team of Pfizer. Pfizer sent two lawyers to meet and talking to me. During our meeting, I told them about Guo Yinghua's Chinese military background and about her espionage activities during the Pfizer-Wyeth acquisition deal. However, the two lawyers from Pfizer kept threatening me and told me that they would sue me if I exposed further details about Ms. Guo Yinghua's role in the Pfizer-Wyeth acquisition deal. Case 4. Mr. Han Feihu was kidnapped by the Chinese security agents from my house! In April 2011, I invited Mr. Han Feihu (also named Xu Siduo, or Glass Brother), a well known Chinese dissident, to my home in New Jersey. From April 28th to June 3rd of 2011, Mr. Han Feihu created 30 video tapes and posted on YouTube. All these videos are regarding Human Rights and promoting democratic in China movement. These tapes have been widely spreaded in China and have made the Chinese government very nervous. While Mr. Han Feihu lived in my house, the Chinese government contacted with him almost everyday to threaten him. Finally, on June 3rd, 2011, Mr. Han Feihu was kidnapped from my house. In about August 2011, it was reported that Mr. Han Feihu was found in China and was serious persecuted by the Chinese security agents. I reported Han Feihu's case to the local police officers in New Jersey. I understand that the local police officers can't do any help to find Mr. Han Feihu. My concern is that the Chinese security agents can do such kind kidnapping in the United States. I am afraid that the Chinese government would eventually kidnap me or murder me! Now, some of these Chinese security agents, including the above mentioned Ms. Yan Qingxin and Ms. Zhang Qi, along with Mr. Ye Ning, Mr. Zhao Yan, and Ms. Guo Yinghua are working together and targeting at me and Ms. Zeng Xiamin, and whoever want to help me. I feel my life is in danger! I am writing to you for your helps. I wish the American government would fight back the "Unrestricted War" initiated by the Chinese government. I wish the U.S. government agencies would investigate the above mentioned cases and bring these Chinese military agents or secret security agents to justice as soon as possible. Otherwise, more and more American individuals or corporations would suffer more loss, even life loss. As I mentioned that I have reported to FBI and local police many times. However, I hadn't got responses from them for almost 2 years. Now, I have no other ways to protect myself, except writting this open letter to all of you. Please ignore this letter if you think it is not responsibility to protect the homeland security and protect the life of U.S. citizens. Thank you for your time. I wish you all Happy New Year! God bless America! Sinserely, Gang Liu  
3.7. Ms. G received $60,000 anual allowances from the Chinese Military.
The picture on the left showed that there are hundreds military training camps in civil universities in China. All of these students have to be enrolled the army and become military officers. Most of these military officers would be sent to the United States or other western countries as secret military spy agents. China trained as many as 10,000 such kind military spy agents every year. At least thousands of such kind secret military agents would be sent to the United States to join the Unrestricted War. How many Chinese military officers are in the United States as sleeping cells? Much more than the Paramilitaries terrorism sleeping cells. These Chinese military officers are well trained for the Unrestricted warfare and are ready to start Legal-Economic-Network attacks against the United States! Ms. G, a Chinese secret military agent hiden in the USA, is very dangerous to the people of USA and to the security of the United States. I myself has been frequently attacked by Ms. G. The Wyeth is another victim of the CCP and Ms. G. Ms. Yan Qingxin and her sister Ms. Zhang Qi are both Chinese Military officers living in Washington D.C. now. They helped the CCP kidnapped the Chiese Human Rights activists Wang Bingzhang and Peng Ming. They also filed 40+ domestic violence lawsuit against another Chinese dissident Mr. Zhang Hongbao and eventually have Zhang Hongbao killed in a car accident. I hope the FBI and INS would pay attention to all the Chinese Military officers hiding in the United States. They are starting the Unrestricted War against the United States! 2. Pfizer is a Accessaries of the CCP Pfizer has provided protection to the Chinese Military officer Ms. G, even Pfizer knew Ms. G was a Chinese military officer one year ago. I reported to Pfizer about Ms. G's military background in July 2010. Instead of investigatinng Ms. G's background, Pfizer sent two lawyers to meet me and threaten me. Ms. G and the CCP have played important role in the merge of Pfizer and Wyeth. Pfizer is trying to cover up their illegal activities in the merge with Wyeth. Ms. G originally worked for Wyeth, responsible for stratege planning for the North American region. During the pricing negotiation with Canada government and insurence companies, Ms. G gave extremely low prices for Wyeth product to Cananda. We all knew that the pharmathutical products are exetremely low in Canada than that in USA. Ms. G first invited some Chinese software engineers to manipulate the pricing tool used by Wyeth. I happened saw Mr. Hank Wei, a Chinese software engineer to help Ms. G to manipulate the pricing tool in my house. Ms. G were so scared and told me what she did is illegal and would be arrested. She asked me to keep quite about that. Ms. G made Wyeth struggling for survive and eventually merged with Pfizer. It is the Chinese Military agents made this merge. Through this merge, The Chinese government had Pfizer to coorpoerate with China, and have bribed some Canadian VIPs to work for the Chinese government.
4. Mr. Bernstein is a traitor of the United States Mr. Bernstein has provided many helps to Ms. G, even he knew Ms. G was a Chinese military officer. Mr. Bernstein has raised large amount money for Ms. G, find lawyers for Ms. G to sue me and sent me into prison three times based on lies. Bernstein also helped Ms. G to approach other high profile VIPs, including Warren Buffett, who is among the list most interested by the CCP.
In October 2010, Mr. Bernstein raised $50,000 from a lady, who has donated to Human Rights Watch $30 Million. Immediately, Mr. Bernstein deposited that amount money to his private banking account, even he clearly said it was a criminal activity. Then, Mr. Bernstein asked the Human Rights in China and the PEN Association of America to transfer the money to Ms. G's personel account. 严文明是中共特工。是郭盈华的上线联络人。他同郭盈华曾经一道在上海接受中共总参情报部门的秘密培训。2009年9月9日到19日,我在纽约举办“墙倒众人推”系列画展,这个严文明是在画展前的9月8日赶到纽约,在画展结束后的第二天返回中国。严文明自始至终都在密切监视这次画展。这是严文明在画展开幕式上。 自从2010年7月开始,我发现了郭盈华的真实身份是中共总参派到美国卧底的军官,并公开揭露郭盈华是来美国进行超限战的中国军官。那么,我也就成为郭盈华以及中国军方的追杀对象,就像中国情报机构要追杀王晓业一样。所幸的是,我及早地发现了郭盈华的企图,更幸运的是,我公开地揭露了郭盈华的企图。这使得中国情报机构在追杀我的时候不得不有所顾忌。现在,中国情报机构正在采用所谓的“法规战”或“法律战”来置我于死地。 6. 网络战:中共发动对美国华尔街的网络超限战 我在2009年进入美国华尔街工作。自2010年底开始,我通过网络发起中国的茉莉花革命,每周末在中国的各个省会城市的中心广场举行茉莉花聚会。中共对茉莉花革命惊恐万分,对我本人更是恨之入骨。 中共有关部门通过各种方式对我进行威胁恐吓,甚至威胁说要让我失去在摩根斯坦利的工作,并且明确说要网络袭击摩根斯坦利的数据库。我当即将来自中共的威胁向摩根斯坦利的有关部门汇报。但是,摩根斯坦利并未重视我的警告。 2011年2月,摩根斯坦利公司的数据库几次遭到一种被叫作“极光”系列的袭击。据反黑客专家的研究报告称这种“极光”袭击方式在目前是只有国家力量才能组织发动的,更有可能是军队发动袭击,而且探明这次的袭击源头来自中国。这足以表明对摩根斯坦利的网络袭击是来自中国的网络超限战,而目的就是要将我赶出摩根斯坦利。 2011年7月,摩根斯坦利终于无法抵抗来自中国的压力,无端将我解雇。我已经向纽约州法院控告摩根斯坦利对我的无端解雇。 摩根斯坦利被来自中国黑客基地的网络袭击,盗取了大量有关公司并购的信息,这是摩根斯坦利最敏感的信息,导致的潜在损失应是几十亿美元。 2011年5月25日开始,我开始在推特上全面揭露中共对我的超限战,特别是揭露中共派遣女军官郭盈华对我使用美人计,并对我进行法律缠讼,进行所谓的“法律战”和“法规战”。立即,有大量的中文媒体报道了我的故事。在这些报道中,错误地将我说成是是花旗银行现职雇员。 两周后,也就是在2011年6月9日左右,花旗银行立即遭受黑客袭击,而且袭击源头同样是来自中国的基地。 2011年6月9日,美国花旗银行遭受黑客攻击,有36万信用卡帐号信息被窃取,后来的报道又说是有65万信用卡客户信息被盗。花旗银行不得不对这些被盗用的客户进行重新登记。如果将重新登记每个客户的以100美元计算,这次网络攻击致使花旗银行损失至少有数亿万美元。花旗银行因而遭受的信誉损失更是无法估量。 花旗银行和摩根斯坦利是两家仅有的遭受中共袭击的华尔街银行,这两家公司都是我的前雇主,而且中共在攻击前曾经几次对我发出警告要袭击我雇主公司的数据库。这就是中共针对美国的网络超限战。正如乔良在《超限战》中所说过的:“一名黑客+一只调制解调器,给敌方造成的毁损几乎不亚于一场战争。” 中国对摩根斯坦利和花旗银行的袭击,是对网络超限战的威力的最好解说和证明。除了是针对我本人之外,中国军方也许是借此机会演习他们的网络超限战部队,是检验中国军队进行超限战的实战能力。 刘刚 2012年12月27日 8. 附录 2011年2月,摩根斯坦利遭受来自中国基地名为“极光”系列的网络袭击。这是美国媒体的相关报道。 2011年6月9日前后,美国花旗集团遭受来自中国的网络袭击。这是英文媒体的报道。 Case 1. Chinese government cyber-attacked my employer's database to force Morgan Stanley to fire me! I have worked for Morgan Stanley since 2009. The Chinese government security agents called and threaten me several times. They asked me to stop all my activities that are promoting human rights or democratic movement in China, otherwise they would have me lost my jobs in the United States. Some Chinese security agents specifically mentioned that they cyber-attack Morgan Stanley's database to have me lost job. Since July 2010, I repeatedly reported to Morgan Stanley's management team regarding the potential risks of the cyber attacks by the Chinese government. However, Morgan Stanley hadn't do much to protect its database, instead, Morgan Stanley kept threaten me not exposing such potential risks to other people. Morgan Stanley also sent its Human Resource managers and other managers meet and threaten me in regular basis, roughly about once a week. The Chinese government has frequently gave pressure to Morgan Stanley to force them to fire me. On June 28, 2010, when I gave a lecture through Morgan Stanley's telecommunication network to a group of Chinese students in Beijing, I was immediately expelled by Dr. Yi Tang, who was the Managing Director of Morgan Stanley. Dr. Yi Tang clearly told me that the Chinese government didn't like me to show up at any such kind programs. Dr. Tang also told me that Morgan Stanley had suffered a lot of pressure for keeping me as an employee. Dr. Tang asked me to keep silence and be careful, otherwise, I would lost my job soon or later. As the Chinese government was one of the largest share holders of Morgan Stanley (Chinese government hold 10% common stock shares of Morgan Stanley), Morgan Stanley has to do whatever the Chinese government asked to do. In about February 2011, the Cyber-attacks against Morgan Stanley really happened! The news reported that Morgan Stanley was cyber attacked through Operation Aurora. In the blog post, Google said the attack originated in China. The attacks were both sophisticated and well resourced and consistent with an advanced persistent threat attack. It was publicly confirmed that Morgan Stanley suffered multi-billion dollars loss due to the Cyber-attacks. After the attacks, Morgan Stanley has tried its best to hiding the details about the Cyber-Attacks. Morgan Stanley also tried their best to find excuses to fire me. The Management team kept threatening me on regularly basis. The Human Resource managers contacted with all my colleagues to prevent them from any contact with me. Eventually, on July 8th, 2011, Morgan Stanley fired me without giving me any reason! I understand that Morgan Stanley has carefully calculated the Profit and Loss for firing or hiring me. The loss by hiring me is: to be cyber-attacks from China, to suffer muli-billion dollar loss, and to lose Chinese government as one of its largest investor. The gain by firing me is: to get more money from the Chinese government, and to have China as the big saver whenever the Wall Street crisis happen again. The Chinese government not only cyber-attacked my ex-employer Morgan Stanley, it also cyber-attacked my ex-employer Citigroup! I used to work for Citigroup. In May 2011, some of the Chinese newspapers widely reported my story. It happened wrongly reported that I was working for Citigroup at that time. Two weeks later, on about June 9th, Citigroup was publicly confirmed that it was cyber-attacked, which caused 600,000 credit card accounts' information stolen. Again, the attacks was initiated from China! I believe that it was another retaliation and targeting at me!

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18日,美国检方宣布起诉太平洋司令部一名59岁的情报官员毕绍普(Benjamin Bishop),因为他涉嫌“向27岁的中国女朋友提供美国机密军事信息”。美联社引述检方起诉书内容称,强烈怀疑该中国女性“为了获取美国情报故意接触毕绍普”。

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国会山 — 美国之音星期一首家为您报道了曾为NASA工作的一位中国公民涉嫌从事间谍活动被联邦调查局逮捕的新闻。在国会众议院拨款委员会昨天召开的一次听证会上,这个话题被再次提起。

  国会众议院拨款委员会中负责为美国航空航天局等政府机构拨款的小组委员会昨天召开了一场听证,出席作证的是航空航天局局长博尔登(Charles Bolden)。而这个小组委员会的主席、来自维州的共和党众议员沃尔夫(Rep. Frank Wolf)就是在这个月初首先披露这一事件的人。






  对涉嫌从事间谍活动的中国公民江波(Bo Jiang音译)的逮捕令​​沃尔夫议员是限制NASA与中国太空项目或与中国公司合作等条款的发起人,他在听证会上援引白宫的一份报告说,NASA的航空航天技术是受到中国间谍攻击最严重的领域,而中国的人造飞船和太空项目完全由中国人民解放军掌控。



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2012年8月31日,赵家军在纽约举行了第17次茶叙,主题为“中日关系与伪爱国主义”。 见赵家军主帅赵岩以“铁勋”为笔名在博讯发的新闻稿:





























原文网址: http://jasmine-action.blogspot.com/2012/09/blog-post_15.html










































中国抗日救国联合阵线 (新抗联)
总指挥 朱锢
2012年9月15日 于西安

附录1. 新抗联任命朱锢担任“九一八”全国同步抗日大游行总指挥







附录2. 抗日大游行英雄城市和抗日模范镜头















附录3. “九一八”抗日专用POSE

附录4. 新抗联总指挥任命的各地区新抗联负责人和联络员名单

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许增强,电话:024 87300138
韩仁山,电话:024 87300337
吕玉峰,王开才, 赵凤林 13701286382
李玉春 13683046424
鲍坤(女) 13911833944

郭连美,手机13816915965, 021-65807369
沈伟荣 39556881 13651841245 59136452(宅电)
沈元雄 59981234 69989500
李国强 69112662 13501697095
郭剑峰 69112669 13601606347
张洁兴 69112602 13301718868
李 劲 39556141 13818336700
陆海雁 59138285 13661782877
姚一鸣 39556141 13501600775
丁 奇 39556239 13671893033 59139032

梁伟潮 13802977890,办公室:020-84258958,宅电:020-34291660
江帆 13822118643,办公室:020-84413201,宅电:020-89220741
卫石辉 13822232112,办公室:020-84443072,020-84253778,宅电:020-34142199
饶仲曦 13682288233,办公室:020-84447088
李雪琼 13808821889,办公室:020-84416029,宅电:020-61299281
李仕坚 13600087722,办公室:020-84259902,宅电:020-34289165
李伟 13922239646,办公室:020-84253778,宅电:020-34373120
鞠俊富 15099969499,13711179582,办公室:020-84481794,宅电:020-37367868
钟智江 13802752876,办公室:020-84436813,宅电:020-34231788
罗焕荷 13602855017,办公室:020-84259902,宅电:020-34223082
邹美文 13826240309,办公室:020-84432299,宅电:020-81688036
屈明 13922267800,办公室:020-84432299
宁晓平 13650835528,办公室:020-84432299
赖燕芬 13570979410,办公室:020-84432299
万锋 13527727070,办公室:020-84432299,宅电:020-84191143
彭秀敏 13500030977,办公室:020-84420721,020-84412776,宅电:020-39985200
陈婉仪 13501530338,办公室:020-84433867,宅电:020-84443270
曹国伟 13424055547,办公室:020-84433867,宅电:020-38769104
彭展辉 13922795629,办公室:020-84433867,宅电:020-84256689
李桂忠 13710861288,办公室:020-84433867,宅电:020-83361767
梁洪波 13711482048,办公室:020-84242555
范穗华 13802970748,办公室:020-84242555,宅电:020-34246290
刘戈 13826435201,办公室:020-84242555
余文毫 13763373903,办公室:020-84239362,宅电:020-84475914
黄春华 13711020409,办公室:020-84239362,宅电:020-34389420
何英 13660866728,办公室:020-84402987,020-84443821,宅电:020-84433797
关洁娜 13560358867,办公室:020-84402987,020-84443821,宅电:020-61259269
陈广全 13802530842,办公室:020-84245658,宅电:020-34029121
宋思佳 13760819920,办公室:020-84245658,
梁韵琦 13622878497,办公室:020-84245658,宅电:020-87335407
陈志强 13622749596,办公室:020-84424253,宅电:020-89229940
程凤娟 13902261094,办公室:020-84411425,宅电:020-89028086
胡笑英 13642729233,办公室:020-84411425,宅电:020-84251170
连禹洲 13416286888,办公室:020-84411425
黄津 15919680637,办公室:020-84411425
陈嘉华 13662376617,办公室:020-84411425,宅电:020-34036835
李丽文 13527799669,办公室:020-84411425
梁艳玲 13422114771,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-34000108
黄泽亮 13622271825,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-33303293
王洵怡 15920869760,13316157172,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796
苏伍妹 13826228804,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-84040913
杨莹 13711564951,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-61633960
温冬红 13600008128,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-84063202
周文婷 15013312328,办公室:020-84246921,020-84481796,宅电:020-83181509
邓惠权 13802501983,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-34278250
邓翠 13922711225,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-34118215
陈文 13660878982,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-34380686
何玉冰 13710453197,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-34277269
龙艳贞 13560044432,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-84079839
龙济深 13711446912,办公室:020-84411427,020-84447408,020-84420409(传真),宅电:020-89009851
李玉玲 13660648043,办公室:020-84236757,宅电:020-84300118
冯健津 13570920948,办公室:020-84236757
谭锦宏 13760704393,办公室:020-84236757,宅电:020-84306976
邱其瑜 15914455660,办公室:020-84236757
张碧燕 13662305406,办公室:020-84232560,宅电:020-81077050
李徐长乐 13711558706,办公室:020-84232560,宅电:020-84326652
欧美球 13535153389,办公室:020-84232560
崔志军 15989037472,办公室:020-84232560
余映暧 13724882116,办公室:020-84232560
吴兆辉 13527715352,办公室:020-84232560
梁惠仪 13802930231,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513,宅电:020-34290308
毓珊 13660794494,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513
梁竣斯 13580334064,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513
李丽娜 13929567483,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513
吴卓伦 15876894728,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513
冯宇 13538838301,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513
冯颖瑜 13610073377,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513,宅电:020-84071370
黄元发 13711560230,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513,宅电:020-84463956
王泽权 13424457783,办公室:020-84233598,84232560,84440513,宅电:020-84242851
赵广军 13682245637,办公室:020-84429199
符方怡 13580490351,办公室:020-84429199,宅电:020-34092279
邹洁莹 13560050597,办公室:020-84235651
任浩华 13631357543,办公室:020-84235651
李琦 15989155762,办公室:020-84235651
陈慧敏 13560174689,办公室:020-84235651
梁莉君 13560228504,办公室:020-84235651
招家杰 13570401215,办公室:020-84235651
谢宁根 13728002005,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-34288165
张少先 13609002255,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-61235748
刘国财 13711296740,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-84246113
孔祥英 13660425582,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-87192328
周鉴明 13610109693,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-84383478
李伟忠 15917364485,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801
吴慧 13632399891,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801
毕少君 13560410100,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-84313780
徐仙妹 13424039609,办公室:020-84432286,020-84481801,宅电:020-84059800
方瑞君 13902215124,办公室:020-84231692,84231822,宅电:020-84239019
薛益峰 13725174367,办公室:020-84231692,84231822
吴子翎 13929548199,办公室:020-84231692,84231822

郭炜,电话66271155 。
段继存,6627108 陈国儒。
刘基智  电话13642171247
杨中水 电话62071215

王 峰,电话:(0538)3210968
王 忠,电话:(0538)3271218
王 红,电话:(0538)3226207

刘 红,07162498114,
左 丹,07162498615,

刘跃胜,0372-2550226 0372-5162656   13803729596
黄赢章,0372-2550228 0372-2555050 13503728765
王原生,0372-5924427 0372-5954316 0372-5160897
陈国展 9822637 9825616 13598855136或13803829616
马秦军 9818610 9818608 13803999199
马建松 9818610 9811999 13703985110
董焕德 9868006 9885636 13803826369
吕国安 9883863 9822797 13903858503
魏新平 9886701 9880666 13903861666
郑国顺 9886701 9822840
周学政 9883863 9860851 13938266211
陈国展 9822637 9825616 13803829616
赵 滨 9822909 13938281213
刘文岭 9822909 9868008 13700851778
邢治业 9822909 9825019 13603999861
王卫东 9822637 9862350 13938251951
刘宏波 9822909 9823106 13700876129

刘一凡 9888201 9839556 13700840019
宋朝军 9888202 9825518 13623838999
徐占钢 9888203 9888223 13903828968
陈佑军 9888204 9888224 13938406466
李官钱 9888206 9888226 13607654669
杨鸿光 9888209 9888229 13903828996
樊安民 9888211 9888231 13803858199
张建堂 9888207 9888288 13903828268
高留召 9888212 9888232 13838196038
吕彦坡 9888213 9888233 13903829488
李二林 9888210 9888230 13603821962
张玉亭 9888306 9827785 13603999801
徐桂林 9869558 9872871 13903858838
王国斌 9823075 9836386 13603999860
马振峰 9823075 9821229 13803854665

杨振中 (317)8698001        13722761166          所长
马骅  (317)8698002  (317)2184660   13513279393          政委
李景才 (317)8698005  (317)2061738   13930765099          副所长
陈崇杰      (317)2035468   13513272599          副所长
孔令瑞 (317)8698004  (317)2070188   13513271586
褚风华 (317)8698006  (317)5208110   13931787399
张宝星 (317)8698007  (317)5510533   13643378578/13513271519
于怀利 (317)8698022  (317)3020611   13832717738      大队长
刘毅       (317)7620779   13513271576          教导员
刘晓青      (317)6026869   13931710096
刘勇       (317)2026941   13832720566
刘兴龙      (317)5301686   13513271567
郭勇       (317)2053858   13513271563
张可义      (317)7962569   13785789092
周策       (317)2028376   13832720556
孙增志      (317)8973331   13832792666
葛玉柱 (317)8698023  (317)2060059   (317)8592899   大队长
王春生  (317)2100986   (317)8911438
梁存功  13180333381          
杨忠元  13931757566
杨国禹  13315783993
杨武斌  13102700705
魏守贤  13930727960
朱永强  13932710817          
杨宁   13930718619          
曹琳   13703170667
张树格  13833792865          主治医师
吕强    15031770493
张广顺: 13832720988

王金山 13931902113
马少侠 13513199354  13513119353
苗庆华 15233198512 15903191671
武群波 13930992133
彦人生 13582496980
马高敏 13932923771
马 川, 电话:0315 8520935
田秋生,电话:0311─4322750─8037, 0311─4323921 手机:13930401587
爱振民:电话:0315 2266519
马洪政:0315 5931139
刘海军, 13582722712
邸仕金 03158317343
教育科长:王国胜 03158317620

孙凤文,53762044,手 机:13945688709
刘文范,0451-57351586  手机:13796760206
关丽华, 0451-57351586  手机:15846812886
李俊生, 0451-57351308  手机:13244656789
李维龙, 13936903441
朱文武:0459-6688426   13069661088
朱子奇:办公室电话:0451—53200001 手机:13945116188
王青柏:宅电:0451—53200765 手机:13704884966
袁传军,张继红,办公室电话:0418-2186969,2195556,2825151 宅 电:0418—6221088
侯振祥:0418—2823915,宅 电:0418—2885588
李长志: 办公室电话:0418—2827345 宅 电:0418—2824508
宋春艳 办公室电话:0418—5560819

梁伟: 手机:13904181809 宅电:0418—2839588 办公室:0418—8818000
白凤歧 电话:0418-2292177
肖晋东 家  :0452-2736666
王玉峰 家电话:0452-2406466  手 机:13904526208
张志杰 手机:13946289956
郭丽,电话:0452-2451166    手机 :13019030086
张治安  0451-82726600 (0451-82726608)w-0451-86245607
邹贤宝  b-0451-82728756  w-0451-86312209
向副局长      82708756
马副局长      82726341
管理处处长 刘志孝  82703961      82549898
教育处处长 贾士忠  82706503
戒毒所所长:张洪彦   0451-82447079
陈桂清   0451-82424046、82412172、82424014
许 峰             13604873435
李 军             13804843102
邓 华   0457-3666848    13304573588
史 伟   0457-3667471(宅)
王国义   0457-3662478(办)
勾 兵   0457-3666743(办

内蒙古赤峰市 (区号:0476)
戴英堂    8334766  8256988  13304766677
李金成    8222023       13804763269
赵 春    8235099  3512182  13304760098
董岐福    8333152       13304761958
孟繁有    8337350       15304762666
张国力    8336899  8347413  18604767979
白音而    8821261       13789439991
毕兆东    8335529       13904760080
王振祥    8335996       13304766885
李柱维    8820070       13604768665
关显峰    8337060       13384813366
汤向军    8345420       13904760034
王振良    8347412       15904769616
金 柱    8334496       13704766243
麻新择    8339236       13904760433
李红艳    8330017       13704767127
谭育才    8343577       18604768668
焉建峰    8356079       13604769196
宋国军    8345185       13947690023
黄素敏    8825133       15304767169
孟宪业    8336149       13947619228
朱旭光    8345197       13314766066
张秀峰    8225666       15547626666
于海富    8225811       15804765678
李树合    8225840        13847666655
孙国立    8225577        13304765616
赵国义    8823811        13624768999
王东旭    8249007        13947640911
韩玉华    8220195        13948669678
崔藐夷    8225853        15904769177
张 华    8237998        15304760056
宋力夫    8237622        13904766996
王长春    8237761        13384767656
宋锡波    8237812        13704767259
杨宪峰    8237623        13904760848
孙建华    8224701        13704760936
张丽梅    8231991        13904769607
屈红雨    8231105        13904769979
崔爱国    8233331        13304768091
王 力    8230112        13904760776
赵 彤    8221672        13947673900
张敬国    8224769        13304760566
展国兴    8222003        15304766120
刘 波    8248076        15904760369
卢英剑    8253308        13947619307
贾洪榛    8221450        13190919219

杨宝麟电话: 0432-66220610 手机:13704348883 宅电:66278191
刘永丽 电话:13704446960 李相亭 13704446891
桦甸市公安局国保大队长:于晓强13804448080 66229190 13704446200 6 6232003
(于晓强妻子) 唐玲 0432-66232003
许焕章13704348470 0432-66225099
蒋立君13844680377 0432-66250392
陈国华13596291268 0432-66271059
政法委副书记 韩景武 0432-66221599 0432-66277555
于长彬 0432-66222350 0432-66235866
乔悦宝 0432-66222350 0432-66224611
周健   手机:13804448659宅电:0432-66226288
公安局局长  赵跃 0432-66235779
副局长 陈宝知 0432-66222357  0432-66279323副局长李志鹏
副书记 王广学 0432-66222423  0432-66234159
所长:刘波:单位:0432-66256000 0432-66252052
院长室:顾言正 13943222288  0432-66244066 、0432-66248200、
副院长室:王君先 赵立明李洁0432-66248202、0432-66248208、0432-66248203、0432-66248207、
王爽  0432-66248206
李刚 0432-66248276、0432-66236997
李也 0432-66222765
杨立国 政治处主任室:0432-66228807
司法局局长 杨志全 13804443898 13331705600 0432-66223417
副局长 赵家悦 13596311685        0432-66223444
副局长 陈万义 13904448607        0432-66267688
副局长 李立坤 0432-66223716

市委书记 0432-66234399 0432-66265799
孙雅清 副书记 0432-66230999 0432-66231518
李宝臻 副书记  0432-66223223 0432-66258828
纪委书记苏明华 秘书长 0432-66229986 0432-66267287
赵东巍 副书记 0432-66222908 0432-64680155
李树峰 副市长 0432-66238655 0432-66227039
李春林 副市长 0432-66230388 0432-66225031
包振斌 副市长 0432-66222836
陈辉 副市长 0432-66260998 0432-66229733
张宝政 副市长 0432-66222836
书记: 王广学:单位:0432-66235779 家电:0432-66234159

刘 伟  办电0437—3227699 宅电0437—3320599 手机18904478001
赵卫星  办电 0437—3226788 宅电0437—3275556 手机13304375985
裴 凯  办电 0437—3230887 宅电0437—3322522 手机13351560017
于太波  办电 0437—3220488 宅电0437—3196690 手 机13904376690
杨明力  办电 0437—3262277          手 机15843790011
刘志州  办电 0437—3257955          手 机13384372666
孙振生  办电 0437—3224894  手机18904478007
王正春  办 0437—3225911 宅 电 0437—3311111 手机13351560566
齐跃军 电话:13351560256
张 建 书记 (0433)661010 (0433)2855201 13180906008
金仁俊 副书记 (0433)3661036 (0433)3620299 13704464007
闫兴波 主任 (0433)3659334 (0433)3639998 13944711688
赵贵峰 副书记 (0433)3661036 (0433)3626659 (0433)3696659
金永福  办公室主任  (0433)3661037 (0433)3651678  13844329550
崔寿贤  基层指导科    13704460082
崔 花  维稳科长  13844382217
鲍丽伟  执法科长  (0433)3658664  3630007  3610777
程绍辉  政工科长  13944320318
金 光 主 任 3666610
大队长:吴吉龙 13904465073 3699300 3669979
副队长:周宏 13704330915 3698147 3663393(宅电)
赵胜吉 15843318798
朱明同  纠察大队长    13944719991
于茂志  执法大队长 13630690169
赵庆发  教导员  (0433)3622841  (0433)36985829

侯守红, 13780490645
于真禄 ,15944725556
林秀梅,04396512831, 04396520182
韩东, 13500877651
办公室,  0437--5088801、0437--8088802
李晨玮, 13843707415
张万宝, 13779292666
张强,  13866008980
董凤春, 13943768070
刘彤, 13943448655
张士波 13804386252 5866670  5870728
罗洪建   13596943288
王爱东  13904386866
林 武尊  13604386996    5855569
徐波 13904386262
谢中锋  13804389959    13304389959
宿平堂  13894962666
李杰   13604386628
刘肇彬  13904386323   132086337777
陈国庆  13351556000 13324386000
尹洪   15943898886
付德平  13804388383
张喜军  13604486788
栾柯奇  13904386800
王建国   13843849088
徐利   13943897007
雷恩伟   15948896999
李春雨  13384386166
白相军  13843831015
朱国军  13596948777
王安军  13596948599
梁亚范 13630336898
许瑞华 13089255555
柴永贵  13298829984
刘欣   13894961000
刘伟超 15043801983
王凤学  13604388838
姜英平 13894969944
姚岩军 13894960866
于洪伟  13694380085
陈志龙 13894167366
王延声  13694387199
吴文波  13894141111
王文学  13596998766
李伟彬  1359 6995000
赵国华  13843830604
王晓梅  13604388698
耿朋远  18743815188
于思佳  13804388800
王利如 13904386211
杨宝麟 :13704348883 ,0432-66278191
李相亭 13704446891
于晓强 13804448080,  0432-66229190,13704446200 0432-66232003
唐玲 0432-66232003
赵跃 0432-66235779  13904443883
陈宝知 0432-66222357 0432-66279323
杨 哲:13664428305

甘 勇、雷学武:0830-2750167
王 彬,0830--2750041
周朝坤,13981660016 0827--5260655 宅0827--5552666
余 毅 13608241855
何 平 13981660515  0827--5260927
乌进川 13981658518 0827--5261350
蒋德民 15808272888 0827--5280032 0827--2223330
赵克新 13320615080 0827--5280032 0827--3130978
赵锦川  13908299589
戴远才 13908293118 0827--5553118
秦 东  13981687168   0827--5280902
杨永明 13981687878  0827--5280903
文 勇 13981660015  0827--5266933
江 平 13056501133
赵洪平 13981688010
魏东彬   13980299589 0827--5236110 08272630559
王小兵   13881669118
张政科   13908290098
张仕松   13908290321
何文保    13980298280
任罗洁: 13684209989


杨 舒,13942115484
冯文方,电话:0416 5512076,手机:139 04062579
肖中影,电话:0416 5522800,电话:0416 5565833
毕诗君,电话:0416 5565561

王杰, 0411--86774460,0411-86773038 手机:13050500208
林徐志, 手机:139045769099

懂银山:13803958369 ,0395-8869369
杨建平,0371--66812928 ,0371--67333619

程平 0556-5182999(办) 0556-5545188(宅) 13905562016
潘寿宪 0556-5182988(办) 0556-5572650 (宅) 13905560030
丁胜兵 0556-5593405 (办) 13805561696
刘国庆 0556-5593406 (办)0556-5558966(宅) 13805562231
曹一江 0556-5593408(办) 0556-5549556 (宅) 13905563167
夏风 0556-5593456(办) 13655568111
钱丹昕 0556-5593460(办) 0556-5571849 (宅) 13955667952
张伍梅 0556-5536258(办) 0556-5526289 (宅) 13909664759

王 浩:13965258688
王 辉:13865935999
王 建:13500569566
王 剑:13721066889
肖建斌 13515569511 0556-5346580
吴成国 0556-5333002
王 龙:13819103236
王 锐:18755292190
王 伟:13093664998
王 玉:13966088006
金大庆:13705527518 ,13855265962
仵州, 13949317092
侯金才, 13607637186


刘建光,0350-2021836,0350-3802301,13935008682 (手机)
范慧明, 0350-2024059

李建胜:办917-3323159 手13809177153
刘虎堂:办917-3323159 手13891714995


谢新才,13607292797, 0712-2856481
李华斌: 13971940573 0712-2938960(宅电)
陈华雄: 13986463738 0712-3511490(宅电)
程任新: 13986463546 0712-3510299(宅电)
周耀明: 13871873735 0712-3513563(宅电)
夏泽学:活动组织者,分管组织工作 13871873242;0712-3513472(宅电)
兰国涛:政治老师兼团支书记 13986473620;0712-3516275(宅电)
阳小荣:负责学生思想政治工作的政教员 0712-3591473(宅电)
肖继全:活动中写标语者,政教处负责宣传工作的政教员 13871875151;0712-3514907(宅电)
田汝宏: 手机:13807926626
罗嗣银 手机:13507026976

黄兆林: 0712-3511276

吴志斌 网监办主任 0731-88667548(办)0731-85070065(宅)13307310607
吴凯明 副主任 0731-88667549(办)0731-85133270(宅)13319578855,13308408731
蒋志飞 副主任
廖卫和 秘书处处长 0731-88666610(办) 13607443523

地址:长沙市开福区捞刀河镇中岭村丰岭组 邮编:410153
洗脑中心主任:吴凯明 13319578855,13308408731
副主任:杨路 13975805222

方乾坤13874007788 国保大队大队长
黄拥军13907401007 国保大队教导
许昕13974003222 国安大队(副大队长)
魏红13786073108 国安大队(副大队长)
洪志凡13874009998 政法书记
江武 13907401598
黄件保13607309000 公安局局长
毛耀文 网监大队 (0730---6224345)
陈礼平 网监大队(0730---6224345)

刘绍第 13873560880
刘铁虎 13975701188
李满成 13607357236
王会清 13875580469
刘永红      13517351126
田振江      13807351339
谢晓云       13807350985
陈文科       13517353351
胡书群      13786570669
翟 勇       13973541755
杨外英     13875505266
王衍宪        13975752663
曹小刚      13973542739
张国华    13607350065
曹万流   13973512425
袁贤琼    13975511776
邓家盛    13973510839
凌振社    13975543939
杨 明    13975596696
贺继忠    13973513247
何赞林    13973532445
段建设   13975541969
田振江 13807351339
许标忠 13257352568     
李拥辉 13257352558
李小静 13973539723     
李建国 13257352006
谢华办 13257352316
里德瑜   13975541439
杨小山 13975751136
许永江 13973512423
陈旺 13973530136
肖孝泳 13973513017
钟洪胜 13762562569
李晓田 13975513732    
陈外明 13973501639
邓小见 13487350788    
何良权 13875584466
张祖兴 13975569681
付跃宏 13762595962
田振海 12973532958
周礼华 13973541280
李浔阳 13975567953
陈绪生 13873508359
张尊强 13975551367
匡伦训 13973532713     
何良进 13975542471
曹湘永 13807352968     
侯柏华 13016100886
陈善珠 13107350306
李世友 13975570127   
李文忠 13975753003
李言军 13574522973    
廖周月 13973530401
李斌 13875587588   
欧连生 13786538568
刘华副 13975780003
曹新胜 13975512005   
邓万明 13272389149
刘贵华 13975581681   
匡玉华 13786518869
段毅敏 13975752526
谢凤华 13017357064  
姚赛君 13875516424
刘莉副 6677133        
熊琴珍 13875501161     
左爱华 13973520726
黄新家 13975768970           
王亚琼 15973539093
胡军 13762501008         
封飞燕 13875501756
刘小琼 13875512733      
王小琴 13875506156

卞力川 15973555559
肖嗣运 13873551888
刘平和 1397354499
张和平 13973531339(手机)
吴代明 13975501668(手机)
赵伟勇 13786531688

郑明华:13985362049(手机) 0857-3223396(家)
蒲信子   办0414—8822207手机13704242599
杜庆平  办0414-8834958宿舍0414-6821984 手机15941410003
盛学英 办0414-8832747宿舍0414-8835579手机13904147079
张益臣 办0414-8823503宿舍0414-8861773手机13604147733
李国杰 办0414-3982602宿舍0414-4826666手机13941414433
崔喜文 宣传部长 办0414-8822748宿舍0414-8826312手机13904242568
阚立阁 纪委书记 办0414-8822912手机13841437333
李友  组织部长 办0414- 8822271宿舍0414-3982668手机13941483355
辛晓明 主任 办0414-8822549宿舍0414-8823546手机13842420066
汪兴福 副主任 办0414-8834667手机15941498998

赵振亮  13573286778
郝龙清  13706488788
朱念顺 15953203213 15305425908

刘大卫:13853495328 宅:0534-2691003
政法委书记樊廷雷 :办公室:0534-2671859宅0534-2388682手机13336277128
张树平:办公室0534-2558579 13605342886
赵建旗 13305348879
德州市政法委副书记:张忠田 0534-2687748 0534-2183929 13805340918
郑延伟   0534-2687778 0534-2315983 13969233828
路英俊   0534-2687778 0534-2366983 15005346516
王建松   0534-2629977
德州市公安局局长: 匡兴华 0534-2639871   13805340918 13326266666
王世先   0534-2635229 0534-2648626 13905341102
王 琦   0534-2318101 0534-2628818 13905341767
李盛华   0534-2639989 0534-2684689 13326260561
于凤祥   0534-2635217 13905349198
刘德水   0534-2635216  13905445916
李士兵   0534-2635218 0534-2643092 13326269636
周兰敏   0534-2635215 0534-2232888 13695345678
孙九先   0534-2639993 0534-8222815 13905347369
刘志军   0534-2639969 0534-2393566 15066625299
张宝镇   0534-2639889 0534-6222600 13705342656
解元波   0534-2635219 0534-2681158 13905341778
李景增   0534-2420399 0534-2627987 13805340808
杨文臣   0534-2108618 0534-2186165 13792208866
李俊杰   0534-2639990 0534-2681678 13953495518
德州市安全局:田军生 0534-2348668 0534-2351168